3D Printing

Dremel 3D40 Flex

3D Printing at the Fair Haven Public Library

Allen R. Tompkins, Library Director

The Fair Haven Public Library is pleased to announce the purchase and installation of a 3D printer at the library, the printer was purchased as the result of an ongoing community survey conducted by the library showed that several respondents were interested in knowledge of and access to a 3d printer.

The Dremel 3d40 Flex printer was purchased with funds from a Special legislative grant awarded to the library in 2021 by Assemblyman Brian Manktelow and will enable students and community members to access new technology without having to travel outside of the area.

Patrons wishing to create unique customized three-dimensional objects whether it be a personal project or a prototype for a new invention, may now do so at the library by filling out a user request form to use the 3d printer.  There is a small fee to help defray the cost of printing materials, please contact the library for more details.

Patrons who would like to learn more about 3d printing may attend a 3d printing workshop at the library.

Workshops will include an overview of 3d printing and a demonstration of how to create or obtain a design for a 3-dimensional object and prepare it for printing. We will then print the object using the 3d printer, each workshop is expected to run approximately 90 minutes.

Watch for dates of future 3d printing workshops here:

and on our Facebook page

 We look forward to seeing you in the library this summer!

Links to 3d print documents below:

3d printer usage and guidelines

3d printer user request form